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Rod Hall, AKA Outlaw Willie, came to Oatman, Arizona Outlaw Willie Click Me! jpg11 years ago from Ventura County, California. Having suffered some heart problems and taking his doctors advice to slow down or the stress of his automotive business was going to kill him, he opened Outlaw Willie's at 220 Main Street in Oatman, Arizona. He developed his artistic talents and has created many beautiful sculptures depicting the Burro's, Miners, and the town of Oatman. He also creates dioramas (scenes) of Pewter figures mounted on Geodes, Rocks & Gemstones. Each one being an original and a one of a kind piece of artwork.

    Joining Outlaw Willie in his endeavors is his wife Sultana, Outlaw Willie & Diamond Lil Click Me! jpg AKA Diamond Lil, who is also an artist in various mediums of Original Paintings and Various Crafts, which are available in Outlaw Willie's store in Oatman, Arizona.

 A devastating fire destroyed Outlaw Willie's original store on November 5, 2000. Outlaw Willie is now located in their new shop at 240 Main StreetFire at Outlaw Willies jpg Oatman, Arizona.

Outlaw Willie is a Phoenix rising from the ashes, recovering from the emotional and financial devastation. It has been difficult and at times an overwhelming process.

On the lighter side, Outlaw Willie has been performing daily "Shoot Outs" in the Streets of Oatman at High Noon and 3 PM. On Friday & Saturday nights he performs Wild West Shoot outs at the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall in Laughlin, Nevada.

Be sure to visit Outlaw Willie and Diamond Lil in our new store at 240 Main Street Oatman, Arizona!

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