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Route 66 jpgRoute 66, which runs between Chicago and Los Angeles and is also called the  "Mother Road of America", was so named in 1926 and was largely replaced by the more efficient interstate system which began in the late 50's and continuing on during the 60's and 70's. In the 40 years of its existence the road became the subject of countless songs, films, books and legends. Yet today, there are few traces remaining; large cross-country sections became part of the interstates, which by-pass many of the cities along its route and other stretches fell into disuse.

Despite this abandonment, Route 66 is still the main street of many towns and several long parts of the original road do survive, such as a 65 mile section in New Mexico, just north of I-40, and through such small towns as Laguna, Grants and Prewitt. However, the best preserved section in the Southwest is in Arizona, between Topock - on the Colorado River - and Ash Fork. This stretch is about 165 miles long and includes the main street of Kingman, the largest town on the route, where it turns into Andy Devine Rd. Further east, another short stretch of original road runs through the center of Williams, near Flagstaff, Arizona, another historic old town.

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